The Designer


Free, creative and curious by nature, inspired by the times, Poppy Magda is a freelance artist illustrating and designing since many years. Based in Lyon, she draws from a young age. Passionate about art, drawing and fashion, it is her way to communicate and reveal herself to the world.

Her illustrated style is cheerful, colorful, graphic and playful with an assumed feminine and fashion touch!

Known for her bold and whimsical illustrations that have the potential to adorn everything; (from product packaging, silk scarves to limited edition paper art…) each drawing and eye-catching creation she creates is inspired by her love for material, the world, colors, textiles and fashion.

Her art is the fruit of a vision at the service of beauty giving unique collaborations. She imagines strong and “arty” objects and pieces imbued with a lot of femininity. With a solid background in image making and graphic creations; she drives a lot of inspiration from digital culture and her African origins; releasing a bond of plastic expression where everyone can recognize itself and have fun.

As you will have understood here we love playful colors, life, humans and
beautiful things

A Free spirit and some Powerful & Racy feminine vibes!

She illustrates fashion and women with a unique and offbeat vision. Her work is made of different graphic elements, which when married together set this playful and fun tone. Through all of her creations, she is keen to share her vision of the world, thus conveying the values of "joie de vivre", beauty, good humor, love, humanity and above all femininity.

She likes plurality and diversity. Sublimate the feminine and share her vision of what's beautiful.

beauty and diversity


Her images reflect a smooth universe certainly well, but inspired by reality in the age of digital and moving images. her power is her artistic vision. She talks about fashion, beauty and freedom through the prism of art and creativity. When you are an artist, your role is to modify perceptions and you get this super power to communicate with others.
The message behind her work is often "dare to dream and marvel yourself at everything".

She designs a world where love, gentleness and kindness prevail. Color is her tool, Images are her language.

"I draw feminity and all origins with a caring and committed message around self-acceptance.
When I think about the way we live today, it is important to make women ACTRESSES of their own representation."

Through my creations; I liberate myself from this image of women in our
society. By re-appropriating the
representation of the feminine ; I offer another look; giving my own sight on femininity.