# 1

What do you usually create and for whom?

       My work is mostly digital, I use Photoshop for my digital work illustration because it allows me to quickly format and illustrate what I have in mind. Having trained in 3D digital imaging, I like the contact with my graphics tablet.

My mission is to create and share a new story through each artistic collaboration and thus offer a new perspective. Promote good humor as a source of well-being!

I help brands, the women's press and / or individuals to highlight spaces, universes, ideas through the language of the still or animated image.

The objective is to create value through beauty by relying on what already exists to escape and make these universes accessible. Bringing an artistic and highly desirable dimension behind each project is my challenge.

Thanks to my vision and my tools I put in image a idea, then from the image sometimes we go to its physical realization in textile object, stationery, jewelry or other.

My concept is to bring Art and Creativity through beautiful collaborations; where elaboration produces and serves beauty; well done.

Carry another vision of the world; lightness, good humor and “Feel good” philosophy.

# 2

How did you start in this field?

        From a young age I have expressed myself creatively. I drew and made with my big sister every weekend and during every free time we had. I started in 2011 after my graduate studies in digital 3D animation, creating a blog to share my designs and thoughts on illustration; in order to get some feedback on my work; comments and thoughts from others on what I was producing.

At the very beginning I was working for myself, then sharing my work online and getting all this feedback positive, motivated me to continue and little by little my style took shape and I borrowed this career.

Sharing my work has allowed me to evolve and improve my style step by step; my graphic signature took shape and I borrowed this career.

After 2 years of work to build my portfolio in order to specialize and professionalize myself more I finally got my first paid freelance from a women's magazine, it was my first order.

From this commission, I was able to start contacting agents to represent me and the projects, contracts and freelances are arrived, that's how it all started.

# 3

What cultural and artistic influences fuel your approach?

        I am inspired by all possible forms of art and images: photography, painted art, animated films, cinema, but also fabrics and materials of all kinds. I got into the habit of collecting inspirational images.

But to answer the question I mainly rely about the world of culture, fashion, art and photography.

I find inspiration in everything that can attract my attention, I like the bright colors and the expressive style. I can take inspiration from everything that I think is beautiful, of course, but interesting to question.

Then, I try to translate all these references in my work to give a different vision, my own vision.

I love the way they put a lot of sensitivity and sensuality into their works of art; always very impressive and colorful. I find this very moving. I also love fashion illustrators like Norwegian Esra Røise and Kelly Thompson from New Zealand and many others who continue to inspire me.

I like to constantly discover new inspirations!

# 4

Which project (s) are you more proud of and why?

       My Collection of “ Poule de Luxe " Is for me the best of my job. My wish is to take this collection even further one day.

# 5

Describe your environment of work (physical and cultural).

        I work from home or wherever I can carry my graphics tablet and laptop with me. I grew up in an artistic environment, my family members are manual and like to express themselves artistically. Painting and drawing have always been part of my environment. I guess expression through art is part of my personal and cultural environment.

# 6

What techniques do you use in your creations and which ones do you prefer?

       I like to touch everything. I draw on the computer with Photoshop, sometimes in the traditional way with pencil or gouache, but it is true that over time I have forged my identity more with digital. I like all the steps in the creation of my images, and what I prefer is the work of composition and coloring; create harmonies and colored atmospheres.

Also having added a little digital animation to my images I admit that this part there Also bursts with me because it adds an additional challenge in my work process and brings that touch of fun and lightness so important to convey.

# 7

What is the role of art and the artist according to you?

       That of revealing another vision of reality and of the world, and why not awaken the mind , the heart ... but above all arouse emotions and allow us to escape.

# 8

How would you describe your style?

       Quirky, fun, and a bit sophisticated. All with lightness and without getting too serious.

# 9

In your opinion, what sets your approach (technical / special interests / philosophy / other) apart from other creative professionals in your field?

       My approach is very personal. First, because my work is digital, it allows me to play with the image, to manipulate it as much as necessary to give the final look I'm looking for. As I like to work on the portrait, I try to give another angle of vision when I work on it nothing extraordinary but something simple, fresh, uninhibited and colorful with a touch of humor. I want people to be amused (and smiley) when they see my artwork.

# 10

Aspirations, where do you want to be in 5-10 years (hire a specific type of client or expand your services ?)

       In 5 years, I want my style to be recognized in the artistic field. I would also like to develop a line of fashion accessories, produce and share my art in any type of medium; mix Art and Fashion and lifestyle freely through inspiring collaborations.

# 11

A woman that inspires you?

        I would say all the women who create and make their voices speak. Those who are endowed with humor and self-mockery, totally uninhibited.

Ambition, courage, empathy, resilience and vulnerability are also inspiring qualities in the women around me, near and far, and when I think about it that offers real support. Sorority is a very important concept that matters to me, and it in no way excludes the role of men in our lives elsewhere.

# 12

Who are your fashion icons?

       There are many; but I would choose personalities those who combine art, fashion and their creativity in an inspiring way and knows wonderfully how to play and juggle with all these codes like Lou Doillon, Inès Longevial or Violette Serra (violette_Fr)…